Support Burmese journalists in exile

June 24, 2021 #新萄京娱乐Media #pressfreedom

Since the military coup in February, independent journalism in Myanmar has been forced underground.

Culturally safe workplaces for everyone

June 11, 2021 #IC新萄京娱乐 #新萄京娱乐Crew #新萄京娱乐ECS #新萄京娱乐Equity #新萄京娱乐Media Health and safety News
新萄京娱乐 actively encourages a healthy and culturally safe workplace for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, BIPOC and LGBTIQ+ workers across all industries.

New screen industry safety guidelines

June 8, 2021 #新萄京娱乐Crew #新萄京娱乐ECS #新萄京娱乐Equity Health and safety

New screen industry safety guidelines – the first complete revision in over 20 years – have been released.

Reporting protests and accrediting 新萄京娱乐 Media members

June 1, 2021 #新萄京娱乐Media #pressfreedom Featured News

新萄京娱乐 and Victoria Police have had positive discussions following concerns raised by the union about new media accreditation requirements at public protests and rallies.

World Press Freedom Day 2021: hostility towards journalists is on the rise

May 3, 2021 #新萄京娱乐Media #pressfreedom Featured News

Journalists are fearful that increased harassment, abuse and violence directed towards them during the Covid-19 pandemic could become the new normal, says the union for Australian media workers.